Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is not a particularly exciting topic. Most of us dread paying the bill and many Americans will now switch companies to save $20 a year. People are missing the point.

Some auto insurance companies spend between five and six percent of all their customers’ premiums on advertising it’s no wonder that the insurance marketplace has become almost entirely driven by price instead of value.

At Jane Ryan Insurance Group the focus is ensuring you’re covered properly and you get it for the most affordable rate possible. Price is of critical importance – but what you get for that money is absolutely more important when you find yourself in an unthinkable scenario.

The basics of auto insurance are liability, comprehensive, and collision.

Liability coverage exists to defend you and protect your assets in a scenario where you cause or are accused of causing a loss to another party. Remember, you don’t actually have to cause a loss to be sued. Much of what liability insurance helps to pay for is your legal defense in a case where you are not entirely or at all at fault, but accused as such.

Comprehensive insurance is often called Other-than-Collision because it can provide coverage for accidents involving animals, lightning strikes, hail, downed trees and the like. Comprehensive insurance is most well known for the optional and popular glass coverage, which can repair or replace your windshield from cracks and splinters.

Collision insurance can cover your own vehicle in the event of an accident where you’re found at fault.

Other important parts of auto insurance are uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage which can provide coverage when another driver has too little or no insurance.